What are the main activities of the European risk manager and what is keeping him awake?


Above data came from an anonymous web-based survey (FERMA European Risk Manager Report 2018 – download full report and read full set of results) distributed through FERMA’s 22 members associations and the PwC European network between May and July 2018. It received responses from 734 respondents in 29 countries.

The survey was composed of 40 questions divided into 4 categories: European Risk Manager Profile (from Q1 to Q13), Insurance Management and Captives (from Q14 to Q23), Risk Management and Strategy (from Q24 to Q31) and Risk Management and Innovation (from Q32 to Q40).

Here are the results for each category:

1/ Part 1: European Risk Manager Profile (5 pages)

  • Organisation
  • Geographical distribution
  • ERM/IM Breakdown
  • Age and gender
  • Background
  • Professional experience in risk management
  • Risk and Insurance Managers’ remuneration

2/ Part 2: The risk Conductor (10 pages)

  • ERM and insurance management
  • The risk manager, a strategic and interconnected position within the organisation
  • Different levels of interactions
  • Development of the impact of other risk related functions on the risk manager’s role
  • The risk manager, a strategic adviser for the organisation
  • Risk management within the strategic process
  • Risk management and innovation
  • ERM is diversifying risk mapping

3/ Part 3: A challenging environment (4 pages)

  • The 2018 Risk Radar
  • Cyber threats
  • Economic and geopolitical risks
  • Environmental challenge – a fast growing concern

4/ Part 4: Insurance management and emerging risks (3 pages)

Results per County

In order to compare the results, the 29 countries were geographically aggregated into larger groups: Northern Europe, Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe.

Next edition in 2020

If you are a risk and/or insurance manager who would like to participate to our next survey and receive 2020 full report, please click HERE.


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